Criteria for the use of the
AnthroMed ® CLINICAL NETWORK trademark

In the list of criteria below, the basic quality standards for clinical Anthroposophic Medicine that must be guaranteed by all AnthroMed-certified facilities are summarized.

Medical diagnosis and treatment within anthroposophic medical clinics are based on the full capabilities of modern, scientific medicine. In addition, all such AnthroMed certified institutions strive to fulfill the following principles of anthroposophic medical enquiry and action:

  • Encounter: To enter into relationships; to understand medicine as a service that is anchored within real human relationships.
  • Perception: To create spaces, places, moments and encounters in which the patient experiences being truly perceived. Perception is the foundation for the development of individual therapeutic intuition within AnthroMed institutions.
  • Process orientation: To support the forces of healing that can be evoked from the patient’s own body and psyche. It is assumed that rhythm plays a significant role in these processes, and that therapeutic interventions take this into account.
  • Development: To assure that the healing process does not simply restore a patient’s prior state of health, but that it is accompanied with a gain of experience and an acquisition of new skills in accordance with the opportunities offered in each particular disease and context.
  • Personalized Medicine: To focus all therapeutic activity on individual development in the context of a spiritually enriched study of the human being and which describes the different levels of this being and their relationship to nature and the cosmos. Medicine thereby acquires a spiritual dimension in attempting to work with an idea of destiny.

The criteria are divided into three major categories:

Structure of Services
Process Quality
Performance Quality